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garrett is working the story. major garrett is going to get to us with more information about the early oil retirement of mel martinez in just a moment. jane: job numbers are out, and for the first time in 15 months, the rate is down for unemployment. the dow is up. >> it is a big surprise when it comes to the report we were waiting for this week. 9.4% was not what investors were expecting. they were expecting an upward rise. also, 247,000 job losses, a bright spot, because the expectation was for much more than that. that is the upside surprise from wall street. we're seeing enthusiastic numbers. how did the numbers work out? this is what happened. this is a americans who are able to work and are looking for a job. this does not include those who do not have any more benefits to collect and are not looking for a job. they're not considered part of the labor force. they are discouraged, disenfranchised, and there is still a segment that is like that, and they are not added into the numbers. also, job growth continues to gain health care. health care job growth is not as robust as we hav
one of us. the senate still has this week to go before it breaks for august. for the lawmakers going back home, they are getting an earful from the public. shannon bream is on the hill for us. what kind of reaction has there been among voters? >> it has not been all positive. last week, we saw that a senator from maryland got an earful from a town hall meeting. both republicans and democrats have talked about this august recess being positive. we know the democrats wanted to get a bill done before the recess. it happened again this weekend. kathleen sebelius and senator arlen specter went home. it wanted to talk to people. what they heard was not a positive bunch of feedback. here's what they got. >> i look at this health-care plan and i see nothing that is about health or about care. what i see is a bureaucratic nightmare, senator. medicaid is broke. medicare is broke. social security is broke. you want us to believe that a government that cannot even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run 1/7 of the u.s. economy? >> that is a reaction we are seeing. these town halls are sc
an announcement about distracted driving, specifically using a cellular phone to send text messages while driving. let's take a listen. >> as a result, 25 people were killed, and 135 were injured. if it were up to me, i would ban drivers from texting immediately. but we have learned from our efforts to get people to wear seat belts and persuade people not to drink and drive that laws are not always enough. often, you must combine education but enforcement to get results. that is why i have decided to convene a summit of senior transportation officials, safety advocates, law enforcement representatives, members of congress, and academics who study these matters. the will meet next month to discuss how to put an end to the rash of accidents and fatalities that have cropped up because of distracted driving. when we are done, i expect a list of concrete steps to announce. the bottom line is that we need to put an end to unsafe cellular phone use, typing on blackberries, and other activities requiring drivers to take their eyes off the road and focus away from driving. i said from the day i was confir
saw standing before us, president bill clinton. [applause] we were shocked, but we knew instantly in our hearts, that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. jon: jennifer griffin is live with us. who won? >> it is cleared kim jong il in the north koreans have one. for years they have wanted some legitimacy for their country. america has always said they would only talk to them in six- partyç talks, including our allies. kim jong-il got what he wanted, a former american president. as much as the white house and secretary of state say that there was no quid quo pro, and that president clinton was there on a private mission, -- it may have been a humanitarian issue, but even u.s. officials are telling us that he was given a briefing by cia and others before his visit. he was briefed on the latest with what they were doing, and there is no doubt duringç that three and a half hours with kim jong il, the issue must have come up. jon: is it possible that they held these meetings and did not discuss these issues? >> look at who met bill clinton. the deputy foreign mi
on the same day the cia inspector general is set to release a report on harsh interrogation tactics used during the previous administration. bill sammon is our acting washington bureau chief. what else does the establishment of this new unit accomplished, bill? >> it does not accomplish a lot in terms of specific changes to interrogation techniques. i think what it accomplishes is it changes the controlling of those interrogations' from the cia to the fbi, and more specifically, to put the white house in direct control of interrogations' now. the white house has formed an elite unit of interrogators from different agencies. they will have direct control over it. it is more an assertion of executive authority over this controversial practice. jon: there are supposed to be new guidelines in place as to whether sleep deprivation will be allowed and things like playing of loud music. >> this kind of stuff -- remember during the campaign last year when candidate john mccain was coming out against torture and everyone was talking about we have to go back to the army field manual, this is essen
. a legendary dealmaker in the u.s. senate, so now that he is gone, who will become that dealmaker? major garrett is live on martha's vineyard where the president and his family are on vacation. that is the question of washington is asking, right? >> it is true. the fact of the matter is there are still some dealmakers in united states senate and congress generally. there are just far fewer deals. i spent almost 20 years covering congress. it is just a much more polarized institution that was when ted kennedy arrived on 1962. the fact is the filibuster is used much more aggressively as a procedural tool to block any action of any kind from happening, and there are fewer legislators who want to cut deals. that is just the way the senate has begun to operate. many longtime staff and senators will tell you the senate as an institution in the last few years has become more and more like the house, quarrelsome and polarized, even though it was designed by the framers to be just the opposite, so that kind of personal interaction that leads the deal -- leads to deals just as much as common as it
, and blasting eric holder for investigating cia personnel over the masses -- methods used. in an exclusive interview with chris wallace, dick cheney left the obama administration have it, saying the new investigation is politically motivated and dangerous. >> i think it is an outrageous political act that will do great damage long-term to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult decisions without having to worry about what the next administration will say. jon: catherine herridge is following up on that interview. the former vice president was very blunt, and wasn't she? >> yes, and he was articulating the position of many critics. he spoke directly with chris wallace on sunday. >> it is a very devastating affect on morale inside the intelligence community. if they assume they will have to do with the political consequences -- and this is clearly a political move. >> the official position of the cia is their employees are driven by the mission, and not by the had blind. critic -- headlines. jon: is it true that not all of the higher ups in the party cha
. with us is sergeant hill from the police department. how are the kids, and where did you find them? >> they are doing great. we are thankful. we got a call, to 911, and we found these kids in the front. jane: and we see these kids on the picture here, they were sitting there, screaming their heads off. >> yes, they were upset. fortunately, suspects listens to the plea, we turned them in to make sure they were safe. jane: talk to me about how this happened. these men busted into the home and said they were police officers? >> what happens with many commendations that occurred, police officers yell police or something else to get them off guard. in this case, that is what happened. the men were armed, they broke into the home. when suspects found her, they had a motive of robbery initially and did not get what they wanted. they took the children and left. what we do now is hopefully get some information to the public. we analyzed the evidence, processed the kidnapping. we will be taking a look. hopefully we will blink -- bring this to a complete conclusion. when they target someone h
is at the center of the opium trade and part of the supply chain for the taliban. we are right there. tell us what is happening. >> we are on a date to of the marine operations that cleared the taliban. it is a very strategic compound for militants. we were with marines as they went house-to-house, a compound- to-compound, making sure that no taliban would remain in the village, and they did that when the taliban they did not kill yesterday tried to kill them today. time to time, we were with the marines and while they were attacked, both in positions in the mountains and around the town as well as sniper positions in town. i have to tell you, that meant a lot of running, a lot of cutting and weaving, and a lot of staying low. marines also did this with the afghan national guard. i also have to say that the afghan national army remains a work in progress, and from time to time, they have created more headaches than help for the marines out here in the field. as the day wore on, resistance began, with a feeling that it was either neutralizing the enemy, they were laying low, or they had just gotten
disapprove. major garrett is on the north long for us. why tom daschle, and why today? >> the president needs friends wherever he can find them. not only was tom daschle was going to be the head of health and human services, but even before that, during transition, and there was consideration of making tom daschle obama's chief of staff. he did not get the job, and for that reason, there has been a little bit of distance between the white house and tom daschle recently. now they are bringing him back in the foiled a bid to help on communications and key legislative strategy. the reason tom daschle was continued to be secretary before tax problems knocked him out was because he knows everyone in the senate very well and could help put deals together. one thing we will talk about today is his ideas. jane: what are you hearing about what the white house is actually saying privately about where this whole debate is going? >> periodically, the white house will conduct strategy sessions with sympathetic democrats who are on the outside, trying to amplify the message. there was one yesterday. among
dean. she is in the fox weather center for us now. that's a bit some annissa, isn't it, janice? there is a lot of water to cover between where that storm is right now and the u.s. coastline. >> that's a good point. we have five days, in fact, to watch this storm. not a -- a lot of forecasters are writing this off. they say it looks like it will move toward bermuda. a lot can happen. we saw claudette form like that in the gulf of mexico. if you weren't watching the television this weekend, you didn't see the three named storms that happened. so anything can happen when you have got that much warm water ahead of you. this storm is rapidly intensifying. this is going to be a category three very quickly. almost a category two. let's zoom in. you can really see the colder cloud tops, the deeper oranges. there you can see that eye right there. so we're entering a phase of rapid intensification. there is no reason why we couldn't see a category three or higher. here is the current forecast. as of 11:00 from the national hurricane center. again, a category one but very quickly becoming
this behind us. so it ended up in his impeachment. these things can bite you. jon: the "washington post" suggests that it is all about, i guess, trying to embarrass the bush administration. >> president obama tends to go there, it tends to say, well, let's talk about the bush administration. but some critics say it is a way to roll back the power of our intelligence community, and people are already making comparisons to the church committee days when there was not a whole lot of salt on the cia and other agencies. i think some of the cia today feel that way. we had michael hayden yesterday saying what this decision does is that it teaches timidity, it teaches the cia agents who are really patriots, putting their lives on their lines, just like marines and sailors, saying maybe they should not go the extra mile to do the job done. jon: we will have more. we will also have reaction from former un ambassador john bolton. he will be with us. brings us to our foxnews.com question of the day. should the justice department reopened prosecute cases of mistreatment of terror suspects by cia int
. this is important to all of us. new fleet, new company, the taxpayer is the predominant owner. we want to get our money back. this is what we know, 230 miles per gallon. we know that the new hybrid vehicle for buick, expected by 2011, very strong in the asian market. there is a new camaro, it will be convertible. also a new cadillac coupe, a smaller and sportier cadillac. competing with those european brands. general motors is not a public company anymore, but they expect to be so again by next july. general motors is creating something called the lab, it is for consumers to give feedback. you can go ahead and take a stab at that. what do you say? jane: i would like to try it, i love fast cars. how fast does it go? i would love to put bipedal to the metal. -- my paddeddle to the metal. >> job cuts have certainly settled in on the economy. it means that we are all working harder with less staff. the american worker is being wrung out. think about it like a sponge. productivity is up, but the american worker, the one that is still employed, is sure to done. jane: we will continue to watch those num
of attacks since u.s. troops withdrew from iraqis areas. the green zone is one of the areas targeted, and even our own fox baghdad piro was damaged. this is of course raising questions over whether the iraqi troops are ready to provide security. let's get to david piper who is in baghdad. actually, it sounds like we just lost our connection. gregg: the first hurricane of the atlantic season proven to be very dangerous. hurricane bill picking up waters as it moves across the atlantic ocean. we have a new update on the expected truck. for more on that, we go to janice dean. >> this storm is textbook right now. take a look at that eye. all four quadrants are filling out. there is really nothing in the storm's wake, so we could see a category 5 storm. as you mentioned, we have brand new information from the national hurricane center. it is moving a bit quicker to the west northwest. the track does not change much in the next few days. remember, the cone of uncertainty is still a long me kate, area. new england, you should be paying attention to this. most people are predicting that this
. that is what they are doing down there. they are not giving us any indication that they have found it. they think that they have a positive hit from their sonar devices. jane: which should point out to people, the pilot and the italian tourists on board, his brother was on board along with his nephew what is the latest on the investigation? what do we know this morning about what exactly happened? >> they continue to look at flight recorder data coming from both airports where the small plane had departed. we're also talking to people with liver detours, where the helicopter departed. as we know, there are no black boxes to be found. they are looking carefully at the radar. we did have a news conference last night with the ntsb. they were able to tell us what they could obtain by what they have so far. it looks like the small plane was coming south down the river and the helicopter, sort of like a car would merge into traffic, that is what it appears the helicopter was doing. as they gather that information, the other part they are doing is looking for witnesses to come forward. now t
controversial assessments. anything that requires a different degree of review, people criticize us for being too risk-averse. if we were not then, we will be now. the government does not have their back in this case. jon: what is the complaint? one main complaint? >> the inspector general's report, which inspected at the interrogation program, the same document has been around five years, reviewed by career officers around the department of justice and federal officers in virginia, and only one case was prosecuted. this was the same data that will now be reviewed again, but it is now a different administration. one of our contacts said that he sees an example of people seeking other work. he had heard about it. he put it this way. one company received a large number of the mills from the inside, saying, can you help me find a job, i am tired of second-guessing and looking over my shoulder. jon: you talked to people associated with the agency. what about the agency itself? >> u.s. intelligence officials said to me separately that you have to remember that this is a program that is almost over
adults will be joining us in the next hour. jon: three men accused of killing a wealthy couple are scheduled for court today. byrd and melanie billings were shot to death in their bedroom when all of their children were home. more arrests are possible. they believe the main motive was robbery. jane: madeline mccann was only 4 years old when she disappeared from her family's a hotel room and portugal. she would now be six. private detective says they have a significant new lead in the search for this battle girl. -- little girl. she resembles victoria beckham. say a british man has come forward, saying that they spoke in a bar just 72 hours before she disappeared. take a listen. >> the witness got up and walked over toward the woman. they had a short conversation. it was significant to the investigation and to her disappearance. forster operational reasons, we will not divulge any details of what was said to the witness by the woman. jane: on the phone with us is david brown of "the times of london." can you explain more about what we know or don't know? >> we do not know. she i
on this and bring it closer and closer to the u.s. by next week. one of the forecast models we look at as the gulf of mexico by weeks and next week. also, looking at moisture streaming in from across the bahamas, bringing showers and thunderstorms across the southeast. this will be a big story over the weekend. back to you. gregg: let's go live to philadelphia, where michael vick is making a statement. >> we know that i have done some terrible things, i made a horrible mistake, and i want to be part of the solution, not the problem. i am trying to work with the humane society, and hopefully i can do that locally, continuing with my diligent efforts to bring awareness to animal cruelty and dogfighting in inner cities and our communities. i want to say thank you to donovan. he is a great friend, and he reached out to end the -- andy, giving him the time to think about the decision he made in bringing me in. playing football is a privilege, not our right, and i want to do whatever is necessary to be the best ambassador for the nfl and the community. i want to send a special thanks to my family, my fi
bill: outrage in the u.s. and beyond after a terrorist is set free. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- jon: abdul el-mcgrahi is the only conduct in the case of flight 193 over scotland. they were heading home for the holidays when the bomb blew up their planes and sent them into a scottish town. now, the man behind it all is heading into libya. he could get a heroes welcome there. after serving just eight years, but he is being released by a scottish judge on grounds of compassion, saying he has terminal cancer and is not expected to live much longer. how to the courts come up with this decision? >> they say they did it purely on the basis of their scottish system. they're part of the u.k., but there courts are run independently. the judge says that compassion is in the scottish tradition and it is often what is done with prisoners when they are deemed to have no more than three months to live. he knows it is a controversial decision, and a half expect -- americans have expressed regret that he did n
. janice dean is live for us in the fox weather center. >> this one is forming closer to home and we think it has the potential to become a hurricane and a big story perhaps for the outer banks. 45 mile per hour sustained wind right now. 600 miles away from the bahamas. this is the path. as you can see, it becoming a hurricane close to north carolina. look where that cone of uncertainty takes us, into the new york area. again, five days away, lot of uncertainty. talking about hurricane bill, the computer models were precinct, but we have quite a bit of the audience here -- succinct, but we have quite a bit of variation here. as we go throughout the day today, we will have a better idea of where the storm is going to go, but of course, all along the east coast we are talking about a possible hurricane. you need to be monitoring things in getting your preparation in gear. jon: and because it has formed so close to shore, not a lot of lead time. >> bill was a good trial run. we need to pay attention to danny now. jane: we all know senator kennedy was deeply committed to health care reform. th
charles grassley holding this meeting. carl cameron is with us in iowa. this one started 45 minutes ago. how is it going? >> fairly tame. there are a lot of people with concerns about health care, and they make the argument that this is not so much about health care, but a power takeover by the obama administration. there you can see senator grassley speaking. they brought this meeting outside because the library could not hold the capacity they were expecting. this is iowa, the midwestern homespun family values that they do here, even though it is every four years, it tends to beç moe symbol than most locations. senator grassley is the top republican on the finance committee and he says he will not support a government takeover of health care. taxpayer funded abortions. and this is a fairly tame crowned with serious concerns, and they are being enunciated properly so far. rick: i understand there will be another one of these forums with senator grassley. that one could get interesting, why? >> it is closer to desmoines, one of the larger cities, and it will be after work. those peopl
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